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About Wine & Spirit Trading 

Founded in 1977, Wine & Spirit Trading was one of the pioneers of importing foreign wines. We introduced wines to Thailand when liquor and spirits like brandy and whisky still dominated the alcoholic beverage market. Since then, we have witnessed the increase in the popularity of wines and new spirits in the country.

An Innovative Importer & Distributor

Wine & Spirit Trading observed the global trend closely and carefully selected products that would meet the tastes and the demands of Thai consumers. Despite the rapidly changing consumers’ tastes, our long experience in the industry allows us to develop innovative strategies that respond to the changes quickly and effectively.  

Over 40 Years Of Experience

For over four decades in the industry, we remain committed to delivering the best products to our customers meanwhile exceeding the expectations of our trading partners. Now representing over one hundred brands from Europe, North American, Asia, and South America, we carry one of the largest selection of the best alcoholic beverages in the industry.

With our large selection of products, excellent services, and well-trained teams, we seek to be your importer and distributor of choice.

We are proud to be a multi-generational, family-owned company.

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